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Railway information

For passengers calling from Poland:

19 757*

For passengers calling from abroad or international mobile:

+48 22 39 19757*

*Per-minute charge:
- TP SA network, TK Telekom Sp. of o.o. and Polkomtel Sp. of o.o. is 1.29 zł gross
- with other operators - according to the price list


e-mail: infoeuropa@intercity.pl

International railway traffic

EuroCity (EC)

The fastest connections from Warsaw, Poznań, Cracow and Katowice to European capitals. Trains are equipped with comfortable, air-conditioned cars of the first and the second class. Cars adapted to the needs of disabled people and for transporting bicycles are available in selected trains. A dining car in every train offers excellent dishes of Polish and European cuisine, hot and cold drinks and a wide range of alcoholic beverages. The sale of beverages and snacks from trolleys is carried out during the journey. Trains in the Republic of Poland are subject to total reservation of seats.

As a part of the EuroCity product, we now offer direct connections from Warsaw / Poznań / Cracow / Katowice and Wrocław to Berlin, from Warsaw and Katowice to Vienna, from Warsaw and Katowice to Prague, from Warsaw and Katowice to Budapest, and from Cracow / Katowice and Wrocław to Hamburg.

EuroNight (EN)

The highest standard of connections offered in the international night transportation. Within the framework of the EuroNight product PKP Intercity opens the “Jan Kiepura” train from Warsaw and Poznań to Amsterdam. The train to Amsterdam includes comfortable PKP Intercity sleeping cars with compartments for 1,2 or 3 people, and LUX compartments – each with an individual toilet and a shower, refrigerator and a DVD player; German railway couchettes travelling on all these routes, and a car with comfortable seats, the so-called ”sleeperetka” to Amsterdam. The travelers in sleeping cars receive complimentary meals. All the train cars are air-conditioned. In Germany the train runs at a maximum speed of 200 km/h.

Ultimately, also other overnight trains offered by PKP InterCity in the international traffic will be included in the EuroNight product - in the first place, the “Chopin” train from Warsaw and Cracow to Vienna, Prague and Budapest.

International fast train (MP)

In the section of international fast trains, PKP InterCity now offers overnight connections from Warsaw, Katowice and Cracow to Prague, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest, from Warsaw, Katowice, Cracow and Gdynia to Berlin, from Warsaw to Moscow and Kiev, from Cracow to Kiev, and a daily connection from Warsaw to Sestokai and from Gdynia to Kaliningrad. Transit connections from Moscow to Berlin and Prague, and from Kiev to Berlin are also a part of the offer. Trains operating at night are equipped with sleeping cars and couchettes, and the second class cars with seats (transit trains consist mostly of sleeping cars). The first and the second class cars with seats are available in the train from Warsaw to Sestokai.  



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